June 4, 2014

X&Y played to two sell-out crowds at this year’s Hay Festival. Marcus tells us about the experience of bringing the piece to Hay:

“Usually at Hay I turn up with a book and stride on stage and the show begins, but this year has been slightly different. Hours have been spent behind the scenes in the venue building a huge nine-foot white cube. This wasn’t any old cube. We needed a cube in the fourth dimension. Or at least its shadow in our three-dimensional world.

This year at Hay I had the chance to perform the play, ‘X&Y’, that I have been devising with actress Victoria Gould and director Dermot Keaney, with help from award-winning theatre company Complicité and the Science Museum. It is the play I talked about in a session I did here two years ago on Mathematics and Theatre so it is great to be able to show the Hay audience the result of those early ideas.

As the audience poured in, they were greeted not by an author and a book but by a mathematician performing a Platonic dance of the proof of the irrationality of the square root of 2.

Probably a first for Hay and for mathematics.”





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